The Undertaker is back on RAW, sends warning to Shawn Michaels

The Deadman is coming for Triple H in Melbourne

Dan Owen 2018/09/04

There is something utterly electric about Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker in the same ring together.

We will always have *those* Wrestlemania moments, but last night on RAW we were treated again.

Michaels was on TV for the first time in a while, bigging up the chances of his good buddy Tripple H when he meets Taker at the Super Show-Down in Melbourne, Australia next month.

Queue gongs, lights out, smoke, and lightning bolts. The Deadman commeth.

Promising to end The Game, like he had with the Heartbreak Kid, Taker was in no mood for pleasantries.

Michaels however was full of praise, saying it was his respect for The Deadman that had kept him to his word when it came to retirement, and halted a return to the WWE.

Not convinced, Taker suggested respect, may well have been fear.

The door is ajar for something to play out with the three men.

This could get good. Very, very good.


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