Brie Bella returns, punches Miz in the face, match set

It's going to be couple v couple at Hell in a Cell

Dan Owen 2018/08/22

The Miz was never going to be gracious in victory following his controversial win over Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam.

Opening the show on Smackdown, he mocked Bryan’s retirement speech and said this chapter of his career was now closed.

Queue Daniel Bryan. He called Miz a coward for cheating to win their match with the help of some brass knuckles.

He was then interrupted by Maryse who followed her husband in belittling Bryan – which brought out the return of Brie Bella.

She wasted little time in heading for the ring, where Maryse made a swift exit. The Miz was less fleet-of-foot however, and felt the wrath of Brie Mode who landed a barrage of clenched fists to the mush.

And the match is now set, it’s couple versus couple at Hell in a Cell.

Yes. Yes. Yes.


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