Becky Lynch cuts heel promo – crowd still loves it

After her actions at SummerSlam, Becky had a few words for the WWE Universe

Dan Owen 2018/08/22

It was always going to be a tough sell, but Becky Lynch as a heel might not work out as planned.

Even when trying to go full bad-guy on the capacity crowd for Smackdown in Brooklyn they were still cheering and chanting her name.

This anti-heel could be the new Stone Cold of the women’s division.

Following her attack on Charlotte at the conclusion of their triple-threat match with Carmella at Summerslam, Lynch got a huge reaction off the crowd – and it didn’t stop there.

Even when Charlotte came out to confront her former best friend on Smackdown, Lynch’s offence was meet by a chorus of cheers and ‘Yes’ chants. Charlotte’s, less so.

Try as you might, this Lass Kicker is a fan-favourite – and will be remaining that way.


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