Ronda Rousey’s action speak louder than words with Stephanie McMahon

Things didn't end well again for the Commissioner of RAW

Dan Owen 2018/08/21

Oh Stephanie, when will you learn?

It was all laid out, the grand presentation of Ronda Rousey’s WWE RAW Women’s Championship, and Stephanie McMahon was centre stage – taking the plaudits while the rest of the women’s roster stood ringside.

Now, the two have had their problems in the past – and Ronda was quick to point out that this was not all about the boss’s daughter.

After some verbal sparring, where Ronda told the roster, and the WWE universe this was not about her, but rather the continuation of the whole women’s evolution, she then dropped McMahon in an armbar before standing tall with her title in the ring.

Check out the action here.

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