WWE Money in the Bank: Watch as Sasha Banks books her place in the Ladder Match

The Boss takes her place with a Gauntlet Match win on RAW

Dan Owen 2018/05/29

Sasha Banks is one step closer to owning the Money in the Bank briefcase after her Gauntlet Match win on RAW.

The Boss came in last and saw off Ruby Riott, who herself had put paid to the hopes of Dana Brooke, Mickey James, and Bayley.

They Hugger had kicked things off with Liv Morgan, and had also seen off her fellow Riott Squad member Sarah Logan.

With so many potential sub-plots bubbling, you can’t help but feel a little empty after the match however.

What’s happened to the tensions between Sasha and Bayley? Surely that would have been the prefect final two?

Having Ruby see off three women made her look strong, so why not have her in the Ladder Match? For all three to fail in the match, does nothing for their credibility.

And also spare a thought for Liv Morgan – ousted by Bayley in about six seconds. Why?

Catch the best of the action here.

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