Watch: Nia Jax playing mind games with Ronda Rousey ahead of MITB

Can Nia get in the head of the Baddest Woman on the Planet

Dan Owen 2018/05/29

There was something all a little odd about Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey’s segment on RAW this week.

Things between the two had all been pretty amicable since their title match at Money in the Bank was announced, but started to go downhill at their contract signing last week – no surprise there.

Since her feud with Alexa Bliss, Jax has been relishing the face role and has been flourishing in it. Now it feels like that tide is turning.

She took the opportunity of a squash match to describe in detail to Rousey, who was sat on commentary, how she’d be able to counter an armbar – and also crush the former UFC star’s chest with a series of high-impact moves. Spare a thought for the poor jobber in all this.

When Jax invited Rousey down to the ring, things got a little weird. As you can see here.

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