Emirati female Muay Thai fighter Noura Albloushi keen on breaking gender stereotypes in UAE sport

Emirati 14-year-old Muay Thai fighter Noura Albloushi explains how she fell in love with the sport and how she hopes to encourage more women to follow suit (video courtesy of Abu Dhabi Sports Council).

Reem Abulleil 2017/11/30

In a country where jiu-jitsu is the combat sport of choice, Emirati teenager Noura Albloushi developed a passion for Muay Thai and is slowly making a name for herself in the UAE.

The 14-year-old picked up the sport when she was nine, and never looked back.

“I started when I was young, five years ago, my father pushed me and I got into it and loved it. Muay Thai helped me a lot in my life,” she says in the video above (provided by Abu Dhabi Sports Council).

“People’s reaction wasn’t okay at first and because of that they thought that girls shouldn’t do sports. I cheered myself so I could come here and show myself to the world and make people think that women can do sports also.”

Albloushi is keen on changing gender stereotypes in the UAE. She got selected to join the Muay Thai national team, which has come on the back of the foundation of a UAE Muay Thai federation last April.

“Fighting in the ring, she grabbed all the attention as an Emirati girl fighting in a sport considered to be for men only in our society,” says Sbee Rahal, Muay Thai coach at Titans.

The young Emirati has boundless ambition and is keen on getting a black belt and going pro.

“After getting picked to the national team I actually was nervous but half of me was also excited,” she added.

“I’m actually really proud, really willing to raise my name to the world just for my country. I want to achieve every gold medal in every championship, be a professional at Muay Thai, join international tournaments and represent the UAE.”

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