Sjha’ra Taylor spreads the joy of Chocolate Yoga

Watch Australian Chocolate Yoga pioneer and practitioner, Sjha'ra Taylor talk about how she stumbled upon her wonderful discovery of combining Ancient Mayan cacao ceremony with ancient Indian meditative practice of Yoga.

Hiba Khan 2018/05/14

Sjha’ra Taylor is an avid practitioner of Kundalini yoga, who has studies and apprenticed under notable yogis, priests, and shamans from all around the world.

She has dabbled in many different styles before settling for Kundalini yoga and went on to create her own style by combining it with one of the most universally loved things, chocolate.

During one of her trips to Guatemala, Sjha’ra was taught how to conduct ancient Mayan cacao ceremonies by a chocolate shaman and was inspired to combine it with Kundalini yoga at his behest.

Watch as she recounts her completely accidental discovery of Chocolate Yoga and it’s wonderful benefits that she wishes to share with the rest of the world.

For more information on chocolate yoga and Sjha’ra Taylor’s workshops, click here.

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