Reem’s French Open diary: Naomi Osaka has both charisma and talent

In her latest diary from the French Open, Sport360 reporter Reem Abulleil says Naomi Osaka is making quite the impression.

Reem Abulleil 2016/05/26

The legend of Naomi Osaka continues as the teenage Japanese-Haitian-American has been wowing press conferences so far at the French Open.

Not only is she an impressive young talent who has reached the third round in the only two majors she has contested so far, Osaka is a character unlike any other on tour.

After telling us she spent the day before her second round having a “roasting battle” with her sister – with whom she shares a fierce sibling rivalry – by posting embarrassing pictures of her on the internet, Osaka explained her dilemma regarding her idol, Serena Williams.

Asked if she felt more accustomed to being around the big stars now that she is in her second slam, Osaka said: “I’m used to it more now, but I haven’t really seen Serena that often. I don’t know if I’m sad or happy, because then I don’t have to be all freaked out when I see her. But then I kind of want to see her, you know?”

A real predicament, isn’t it? Osaka typically speaks to a full house because she represents Japan, and there is usually a huge group of Japanese journalists at all the majors.

Asked if she has gotten used to all the attention and addressing a big crowd, she said: “I like doing interviews. That’s sort of my thing. I don’t know if you guys are laughing just to make me happy, but thank you. Yeah, I like this kind of stuff.”

Interviews really are her thing. The rest of the tennis world will soon get to know that.


A player who doesn’t always send press conferences into fits of laughter, Nick Kyrgios, was asked a question he gets almost every other day (or some variation of it) – does he get distracted when people focus more on his behaviour than his tennis?

The Aussie found the perfect response.

“Not really. I think they’ve been concentrating on my tennis. I think I have won 23 matches this year,” said Kyrgios.


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