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Sport360 reviews the Reebok Floatride.

Sport360 staff 2017/04/10

Choosing the right footwear to fit your health and fitness needs is just as important as the goals you set yourself on a daily basis, whether it’s in sport or the workplace.

The Reebok Floatride is an excellent running shoe that combines the optimal mix of cushioning and responsiveness, marking yet another coup in Reebok’s long history in producing the best footwear in the market.

The shoe offers cushioning, stability and a bouncy heel to help you get the best out of your sporting performance.

In addition, the Floatride is combined with a sock like seam-free one piece ultraknit construction to offer support and breathable flexibility, and to help balance the foot throughout your running stride.

Having competed in many long distance races over the past year, these runners are the best I’ve used so far. Not only are the Floatride’s breathable but their comfortable design allows athletes to push to the maximum.

What impresses me about the Floatride is how the cushioning softens the impact while you run. Other shoes don’t offer enough support so your feet always feel heavy during your training session. With the cushioning on offer in this exceptional Reebok model, you can run with confidence.

The price itself – at AED 645 – is mid-range but if you are a passionate runner and want to achieve your goals, then these shoes are the ideal fit.

Coming in a lovely combination of blue and black with a white sole, the design is stylish – but very much built for getting the best out of your training experience.

Overall, I was extremely impressed by the Floatride’s comfort, design and support – and I would definitely recommend them for any runner in the UAE or the Middle East.


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