Ali Allanjawi tops podium in Jet Ski as UAE claim two golds and three silvers at Asian Games

Ali Allanjawi led a banner day for the UAE at the Asian Games as the nation won two golds and three silvers in Jakarta on Friday.

Sport360 staff 2018/08/24

Ali Allanjawi led a banner day for the UAE at the Asian Games as the nation won two golds and three silvers in Jakarta on Friday.

Allanjawi kicked off the success in the Jet Ski competition, beating his international rivals from Indonesian and Thailand with a decisive round after topping the ranking despite a troubled start.

He made his way from sixth position in the first minutes before making progress against established competitors and finally taking the gold medal.

“Winning the gold medal is attributed to the concerted efforts of the technical, administrative and media, and it was my turn to translate such efforts into a gold medal,” Allanjawi said. “As such it is the team spirit and acting as a single family that has paved the way for the achievement.”

Ghanim Al Marri, Head of the Marine Sports Delegation, praised Allanjawi’s triump, saying: “It equals eight medals as it culminates massive and exceptional efforts amid huge challenges and tough competitors from China and Indonesia who were right with the champion up to the last second.

“He was up to the challenge despite being lashed with a penalty in the first minutes, but his will and determination was bigger and succeeded in the final minutes to beat the world champs and win the gold medal, the first for the UAE in these Games.”

Ahmed Al Tayeb, Chef de Mission of the UAE Delegation, added: “It was an unprecedented achievement considering the late start of Allanjawi due to the penalty, but his comeback confirms the ability of our athletes who are here to deliver and raise the state flag and make their way to the podium.”

Following in Allanjawi’s path, Hamad Nawad gave the UAE its second gold by winning the men’s 56kg category of Jiu-Jitsu. In the final, Nawad defeated compatriot Khalid Al Blooshi, who earned one of the nation’s three silver medals.

The other silvers were captured by Mahra Al Hinnai in the women’s 49kg category of Jiu-Jitsu, and Talib Al Kirbi, who fell in the final of the men’s 69kg.

“This collection of medals underlines the huge efforts of the federation and athletes who have the ability to deliver more in these Games,” said the VP of the UAE Delegation, Abdul Malik Jani. “Besides the Ju-Jitsu and Jet Ski, we have other sports capable of winning medals. This is just the opener, and we look for a bumper achievement in the Games.”

Meanwhile, the UAE archery team exited the Games following its loss to Bangladesh in the mixed doubles, ranking 24.

In athletics, the team is kicking off its participation in the Games on Saturday with Alia Saeed competing in the 10,000m race. The administrator of the athletics team confirmed the readiness of Saeed, whose spirit is high as she’s eager to perform well for the UAE.

Skeet shooters Saif bin Fetais and Mohammed Hussein start off their competitions in Palembang seeking a fresh start for the sport in the UAE. Both shooters will compete in five rounds to qualify for the next round on Sunday, which will also see the finals.

Ahmed Al Matroushi, a member of the UAE Rowing Team, finished fourth in the last qualifying race, thus losing the chance to qualify.

In pistol shooting, 10m shooters Wafaa Al Ali and Salwa Al Dhahiri couldn’t achieve the qualifying score for the top three, despite scoring new personal records with 556 and 553, respectively, out of 600 points.

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