Ultimate Athletics founder Lisa Campbell impressed with athletes’ efforts this season

The six-round competition for the 2017-18 season ended on Thursday at Dubai Sports City

Denzil Pinto 2018/05/11

Lisa Campbell, founder of Ultimate Athletics, was impressed with the turn-out and the quality she saw during the six rounds of the Race Night season.

Thursday’s event at Dubai Sports City brought an end to a successful 2017/18 season in which youths and adults took to the track and field and competed across various disciplines.

“It’s been a really good season,” said Campbell. “We have had a lot of new faces and people who don’t train with Ultimate Athletics heard about us and wanted to start running again and give them an opportunity to see how they fare against other athletes who train.

“We have had regular athletes who compete in Abu Dhabi and we had a lot of support from Desert Cubs. Schools have sent their athletes in abundance – Dubai College, American Community School, Jebel Ali Primary School and JESS Ranches all had big numbers, so hopefully it has improve the school athletics as well.”

She added: “Well tonight, you always get good standards because it’s the last race of the season. That means people know what the records are and they come because they want to beat the record. The last night tends to be a good  number of athletes and a lot really impressed. There were some records broken even though it wasn’t the best weather as it was a bit humid and dusty but we still managed to get some good performances.”

She added: “I would also like to thank New Balance and Valiant Clinic for their support this season.”

Dannish Walker-Khan, who was part of Great Britain’s Under-23 4×100 relay European triumph in 2013, handed out the medals to winners and the 25-year-old believes Ultimate Athletics is a great competition.

“It’s really well organised and although I’ve not been to the track too many times, I just love how many kids are competing,” said Walker-Khan, who moved to Dubai less than a month ago.

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