Emirati school girls impress at Abu Dhabi Jiu-Jitsu Festival

The third day of the competition attracted a big number of athletes

David Cooper 2018/04/18

The Abu Dhabi Jiu-Jitsu Festival 2018 continued its third day successfully with Emirati schoolgirls from ten to 19 years old and across a range of belts competing for the top ranks in the School Jiu-Jitsu National Championship.

Results from day one for the cycle two age group, which includes competitors aged 10 to 15, saw Al Reef School take first place with five gold medals, five silvers and eight bronzes.

Al Erteqaa School came second place overall with four gold, three silver and four bronze medals, while Hessa bin Mohamed School finished in third place, with a total of three gold medals, five silver and four bronze.

Meanwhile, in cycle three, for the 16 to 19 age bracket, Um Kulthoom School stormed to victory with six gold, one silver and five bronze medals. Al Shahama School arrived in a close second place, with four gold medals, four silvers and one bronze, with Al Shiyam School finishing third three gold, one silver and one three bronze.

White-belt athlete Rawda Al Dhaheri, age 14, said: “I started playing Jiu-Jitsu since grade six, and was taught it at school as an integral part of the curriculum. It taught me a lot of important values, including self-confidence. I started preparing for the Abu Dhabi Jiu-Jitsu Festival a long time ago — training and sticking to a healthy food system. I was encouraged most by my mother. I’m proud to be taking part in this year’s Championship in the Year of Zayed, and I’m pleased with the standards of the organisation and the outstanding facilities. It’s a very comfortable environment to be competing in.”

Ibtisama Mohammed, a 14-year-old yellow belt weighing in at 48kg, said that she has discovered many values and principles through Jiu-Jitsu, including respect, responsibility and rising to a challenge. She looks forward to receiving her orange belt after the tournament, for which she has put in a lot of effort and preparation.

“I’ve worked hard to learn from my mistakes in the past, which have allowed me to improve my performance,” she said.

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