Retirement has to be next for David Haye but what about Tony Bellew?

A look at what could be the road ahead for boxers David Haye and Tony Bellew.

Declan Warrington 2018/05/06

While David Haye is considering retirement after he dramatically lost in the fifth round to Tony Bellew on Saturday night, the Liverpudlian’s reputation is at an all-time high.

Here, we explore each fighter’s potential next move.



Aged 37, increasingly injury-prone and following successive defeats to an opponent who was a light-heavyweight while he was at his peak and the WBA heavyweight champion, Haye has run out of options.

In his two pay-per-view fights with Bellew he would have been paid well, but he proved shot, and the damage done to his reputation means he will no longer be able to command the money he would expect to fight on.

Regardless, as his latest defeat demonstrated, he no longer has the reflexes and speed which once made him such a fine fighter, and would have to reinvent his fighting style – which is that of a young man – if he is to stand any chance of succeeding. There looks to be no way back.



The 35-year-old has secured his financial future since achieving his ambitions of fighting at Goodison Park and winning a world title.

His two fights with Haye, at heavyweight, also means he no longer has the title he won at cruiserweight to defend.

Given he is unlikely to achieve anything new, there is no better time for him to retire.

Return to cruiserweight

Bellew’s natural division is thriving because of the World Boxing Super Series and in his absence, the emergence of Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk and Russia’s Murat Gassiev – that competition’s finalists – would present significant challenges.

He would also be the underdog against each, and risk undermining his recent successes.

Remain at heavyweight

By his own admission, Bellew is not a natural among the world’s biggest fighters, and has long insisted he only fought Haye because he too was once a cruiserweight.

When asked about the two world heavyweight champions, Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder, he says they are too big and powerful for him.

The heavyweight division is where he can earn the greatest money, but he would need to be matched very carefully.

Pursue Andre Ward

Bellew mentioned Ward – presently in retirement – as a potential opponent. Ward has won world titles at both super-middleweight and light-heavyweight, so even with his extraordinary skills, he would not prove too big an opponent for Bellew.

If the American could be tempted to return and fight in the UK, Bellew may yet enjoy one last big night.

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