Mike Tyson: Anthony Joshua would be a tough fight for me and I hope Tyson Fury returns

Mike Tyson on Conor McGregor's potential clash with Floyd Mayweather and much more

Alex Rea 2017/05/05

Mike Tyson sat down for an exclusive chat with Sport360 reporter Alex Rea.

You can read the full interview with ‘Iron Mike’ HERE.

But there was more from the interview we didn’t want you to miss out on. Here’s more from Mike:

Prime Tyson v prime Joshua

“I would just go forward, moving my head, be aggressive and hope something happens. But he’s big, too! It would be very interesting though.”

On Tyson Fury…

“He’s a character and I hope he turns out well because I heard he wasn’t doing too good.

“That’s the thing when you become champ. No one really knew Tyson Fury outside the boxing world but when you go from that to being the heavyweight champ of the world, you lose your mind and I can understand that. I hope he comes back.”

On Deontay Wilder…

“He’s improved a lot but he’s not of that quality yet, he won’t be able to take that heat. Soon as he starts throwing them combinations he ain’t going to take that power. One round, two rounds, it’s just not going to happen.”

On May/Mac..

“I don’t give McGregor a chance. Him boxing Floyd doesn’t make it interesting. If he fought with MMA rules and Floyd boxing, now that would have been interesting.

“Now that would have genuine intrigue and we’d wonder who is going to win but right now it’s like this (squashing motion) but with those rules it’d be totally different.”

On launching his academy in Dubai…

“This is the place my business partner Fred Frenchy decided to bring me this deal and he thought it would be a good idea to open this academies in the UAE to begin with

“At first I didn’t think it would be a good idea, I said ‘really you think so Frenchy?’ but he knows what he is talking about because he’s sold a bunch of franchises and he was doing really well.”

Transition from Baddest Man on the Planet to doting tennis dad…

“Yeah, yeah, It can be difficult but it’s good.

“My daily routine these days is to get up in the morning, work out, wash the kids, feed the kids, take them to school, stay on my phone so I can get my business done and then pick the kids up. I take the kids to tennis and take them to Jump World.”

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