The numbers behind the Formula One 2018 season so far

We take a look at the key stats at the mid-season break

David Cooper 2018/08/09

Lewis Hamilton holds a 24-point championship lead heading into the second half of the season.

The Mercedes scored back-to-back wins in Germany and Hungary to stretch his advantage ahead of rival Sebastian Vettel with nine races remaining.

Here, we assess the key stats at the mid-season break.

Who has the most race wins?

Lewis Hamilton – 5 (Baku, Barcelona, France, Germany, Hungary)

Sebastian Vettel – 4 (Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Silverstone)

Daniel Ricciardo – 2 (China, Monaco)

Max Verstappen – 1 (Austria)

Who has the most podium finishes?

Lewis Hamilton – 9 (Australia, Bahrain, Baku, Spain, Monaco, France, Silverstone, Germany, Hungary)

Kimi Raikkonen – 8 (Australia, China, Baku, France, Austria, Silverstone, Germany, Hungary)

Sebastian Vettel – 7 (Australia, Bahrain, Monaco, Canada, Austria, Silverstone, Hungary)

Valtteri Bottas – 5 (Bahrain, China, Spain, Canada, Germany)

Max Verstappen – 4 (Spain, Canada, France, Austria)

Daniel Ricciardo – 2 (China, Monaco)

Sergio Perez – 1 (Baku)

Who has retired from most races?

Brendon Hartley – 5 (China, Monaco, Canada, Austria, Silverstone)

Daniel Ricciardo – 4 (Bahrain, Baku, Austria, Germany)

Romain Grosjean – 4 (Australia, Baku, Spain, Silverstone)

Max Verstappen – 4 (Bahrain, Baku, Silverstone, Hungary)

Fernando Alonso – 4 (Monaco, Canada, France, Germany)

Who has started on pole most often?

Sebastian Vettel – 5 (Bahrain, China, Baku, Canada, Germany)

Lewis Hamilton – 5 (Australia, Spain, France, Silverstone, Hungary)

Daniel Ricciardo – 1 (Monaco)

Valtteri Bottas – 1 (Austria)

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