Reebok releases first of its kind sports bra featuring new reactive technology

Sport360 staff 2018/09/12

Reebok are making waves in the sports bra industry with the unveiling of the PureMove Bra, providing women with more control and support during exercise.

In a recent global survey undertaken by the brand, the findings revealed 50% of women experienced breast pain while working out, 70% of women were wearing the wrong bra size and 20% of women didn’t work out because they didn’t have the right bra size.

Following such insights, Reebok MENA took the research a step further to investigate the trends of the region with a survey of a cross section of 150 Emirati and expat women.

The outcome was equally as disheartening at a local level with 30% of women experiencing breast pain whilst exercising.

45% of local respondents weren’t confident they were wearing the right size sports bra with the majority also maintaining that the item is more important than trainers in ensuring a comfortable workout.

The PureMove Bra will be available in an extended range of 10 unique sizes, aimed to specifically address consumer feedback around the industry’s lack of solutions for those who find themselves in between standard sports bra sizing.

The size range includes: XS, XS+, S, S+, M, M+, L, L+, XL, XL+, designed to help ensure a more tailored fit for wearers.

Speaking on the launch of the Pure Move bra Barbara Ebersberger, VP Performance Apparel at Reebok said:

“We could not be prouder to come to market with a product that breaks down barriers in a category that has dissatisfied consumers for far too long, lacking any true technological advancements.

“Innovation has always been in Reebok’s DNA and placing an emphasis on transforming and improving one of the most important fitness garments for women is no exception.”

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