The key benefits of stretching as you prepare your body for the rigours of this year’s du Tough Mudder

Volvic Middle East brand ambassador Marcus Smith presents the fourth episode in a series of handy tips ahead of the du Tough Mudder Challenge in December

Sport360 staff 2017/11/03

Stretching to uninitiated may seem like a pointless and let’s face it boring thing to do but routinely incorporating stretches into your daily workouts is not just a necessity but actually negligible if avoided.

Indeed, for developing flexibility, range of motion and injury prevention, stretching is absolutely vital as it’s a mechanism to relax your muscles and increase blood flow to your cartilage and tissue.

And it doesn’t have to be boring exercises either. The range and breadth of stretches are virtually endless and the variety means mixing up the program you incorporate ensures not just your body but your mind is in top condition.

A key stretch for your lower and upper body

Need more proof of it’s benefits? Well, here’s just a few as stretching fortifies posture, enables flexibility, increases stamina, decreases risk of injury and improves athletic performance.

That last benefit will be of most interest to those who are planning on to take on one of the world’s most challenging mud runs – du Tough Mudder.

The popular event returns to the UAE December 8th and 9th and with just a month to go it’s time you started preparing your body for the obstacles which lay ahead.

To help you along the way, Volvic Middle East are on board and brand ambassador Marcus Smith has been providing top tips over the past couple of weeks to assist.

Check out the previous two HERE and HERE but also take a look at the clip below to see what top three exercises he suggests you should be using ahead of December’s event.

Don’t forget, for your chance to be a part of Marcus’ Volvic Army, all you have to do is upload a picture or video on social media of you performing one of the exercises and hashtag #FindYourVolcano

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