Abu Dhabi Thistle Football Club’s open trials start at Abu Dhabi Cricket Stadium on Sunday

The club was founded in 2006 and the ethos is creating a UK style amateur football club, similar to traditional youth clubs from Britain

Matt Jones 2018/08/31

Abu Dhabi Thistle Football Club is hosting open trials for the 2018/19 season which will commence from Sunday, September 2, at Abu Dhabi Cricket Stadium.

The club was founded in 2006 and the ethos is creating a UK style amateur football club, similar to traditional youth clubs from Britain.

The main aim of the club, and all the voluntary coaches, is to provide competitive football in a friendly, fun and supportive environment at all age groups.

“We are looking for players who have good skills, are strong team players, and want to develop themselves as footballers and athletes,” said coach Mark McCreath.

“In the younger age groups the emphasis is on all abilities who want to develop their core footballing skills.

“As age groups progress, there will naturally be more emphasis on ability, and selection of the stronger players – and a continuing emphasis on development.

“The club hopes to continue the prior successes into the new 2018/19 season in our new home at the Abu Dhabi Cricket Stadium.”

Abu Dhabi Thistle Football Club has been running since 2006.

The open trials for the new season start this Sunday and will be ongoing for the next two weeks.

Age groups include: mixed under-8; boys U10, U12, U13, U14, U16/18 and girls U12, U14 and U18.

More information on specific days for each team, how to register and to get in touch with the club is available on the website http://abudhabithistlefc.com.

The teams play in competitive leagues and tournaments primarily in Abu Dhabi, but also in Dubai, as well as sometimes further afield.

The main league in Abu Dhabi is the Abu Dhabi Youth League comprising a selection of other clubs from the city, including PASS, Regional Sports, Man City, French (EFF) and others.

Games are played weekly, split into two sessions within one season, with the first from September to December and the second from January to April.

On average there are three to four tournaments each year and a league schedule comprising 20 matches.

McCreath added: “Myself and a few other members coach kids football at the club. It usually involves a couple of hours in the week and a couple of hours for games at weekends, but not every weekend.

“It’s a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. Professional coaching expertise is not a must – it’s more about enthusiasm and energy to help kids develop and enjoy football.”

If anyone is interested in learning more or getting involved for the upcoming season, get in touch via the website or contact McCreath on mcmccreath@gmail.com or 050 120 7896.


What: Abu Dhabi Thistle Football Club open trials and 2018/19 season

When: From September 2

Where: Abu Dhabi Cricket Stadium.

Contact: Email Mark McCreath on mcmccreath@gmail.com or call 050 120 7896

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