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Sport360 staff 2018/08/01

Finding a great gym or workout class in Dubai can be quite overwhelming with the countless options that are available.

With the plethora of offerings to try, it’s important to opt for a fitness studio that makes you feel comfortable, motivated and has you wanting to go back for more.  Reform Athletica, the fitness boutique studio located in Jumeirah 1, has you covered and prides themselves in offering the best fitness classes in town.

The one-of-a kind fitness studio differentiates itself from other workout options in the market with a brand philosophy of offering ‘accessible fitness for all’ and focuses on the maintenance of fitness at all stages of life as an enjoyable part of a regular workout routine. Their signature classes are designed to effectively combine strength, endurance, cardio and flexibility training, resulting in a full body workout in every session.

Each signature class is structured to provide maximum results in minimum time with a holistic approach and are taught by some of the most inspiring fitness coaches from around the world. Challenging the conventional modes of exercising with their unique theories of movement and the combination of different fitness disciplines, customers will leave the Reform Athletica fitness studio feeling their very best.

Reform Athletica’s signature Pilates-inspired low impact class is called the ‘Reform Method’. This class takes you through 50 minutes of strength and conditioning exercises performed on the latest Lagree Megaformer machine – originating from Los Angeles.

Reform Athletica’s signature high intensity class is the ‘TRX Athletica’. This class is based on the TRX suspension trainer, providing a challenging and fun, full-body workout.

Regardless of your fitness level, the professional trainers at Reform provide quality coaching and an overall wellness approach to the developing Dubai fitness scene. Book an awesome class today with our incredible trainers.

Classes start from Dh130. Packages are available, including a 40-class package for Dh4,200 that is valid for 12 months.

To find out more visit www.reformathletica.com or follow on Instagram at @reformathletica to keep up-to-date with the latest news.

What: Reform Athletica

Where: Villa 40, 165a Jumeirah Street Jumeirah 1, Next to Mercato Mall, Dubai

When: Open every day

Contact: Call 04 323 3670 or email info@reformathletica.com

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