Mercedes’ Toto Wolff welcomes Red Bull’s Honda deal

Red Bull will be a much more competitive team after joining hands with Honda, reckons Mercedes' Toto Wolff.

Sport360 staff 2018/06/30

Mercedes chief Toto Wolff hopes Red Bull will become a competitive force in Formula One, after their partnership with Honda.

Red Bull will begin an exciting phase next season after having signed a multi-year agreement with the Japanese manufacturers, as they bring an end to a 12-year long power unit relationship with Renault.

“This is certainly the right step forward, looking from the outside, for all parties,” said Wolff.

“It was important for Red Bull to have a works status. Long term probably the best chance to win a championship.

“Maybe short term, more work to do, but long term, from where I sit, absolutely the right decision. I am looking forward to tougher fights and tougher battles with Red Bull-Honda.”

Mercedes have enjoyed a long spell of sustained success over the last few years in F1, with Ferrari only managing to give them a strong challenge last year. And Wolff believes, the competition should keep growing, as it is a good sign for the sport.

“For us, as Mercedes, it is important that we have top brands in F1,” he added. “The more we can attract the better for all of us and the better for the sport.”


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