Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp backs up Dejan Lovren’s claim as one of the world’s best defenders

Jurgen Klopp suggests Dejan Lovren is among the best defenders in the world.

Carl Markham 2018/07/14

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp backed up his central defender Dejan Lovren who is about to play in the World Cup final against France.

The Reds centre-back commented after Croatia’s win over England in midweek when he said “Without being arrogant I think I have (been proved to be one of the best defenders in the world). Definitely” were greeted with disbelief in some quarters and even Klopp allowed himself a chuckle.

“It would be better if somebody else would say that and not Dejan – but actually he’s right,” said the German.

“People don’t think about that but if you go into detail it’s not a big surprise Croatia are where they are.

“They don’t have world class full-backs, but in the end they don’t concede.

“They are offensive in the midfield with (Ivan) Rakitic, (Marcelo) Brozovic, (Luka) Modric, so somebody needs to fix all that. Dejan is a big part of that.

“He was for us in the Champions League final, three years ago he was in the Europa League final, yes he didn’t win that.

“In the Champions League final, I didn’t see two better centre halves than him – only more ruthless. That’s the thing.

“For me it’s no surprise. He played a really good World Cup, but to do it consistently is more important.

“We will work together for a long time, so I will have the opportunity to help him. Next time I will say it (he is one of the world’s best defenders)!”

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