Fourth substitute to be allowed in extra time in Champions League and other UEFA competitions

Teams will be given an extra substitution to use in extra time of UEFA games, including the Champions League.

Sport360 staff 2018/07/05

Teams will be given an extra substitution in games that go to extra time in UEFA competitions, the organising body has announced.

The rule has been successfully applied in the EFL Cup and FA Cup in England, and most recently at the World Cup, and teams participating in the Champions League and Europa League will be able to follow suit this season.

UEFA’s rule change will also apply to Euro 2020.

Clubs will also be allowed to name 12 substitutes to their team sheets in the Champions League and Europa League, instead of the current seven.

Next season’s UEFA Youth League will see a fifth substitute being allowed, a rule that will also be implemented at the men’s and women’s U-17 and U-19 Euros.

Alvaro Morata coming on for Cristiano Ronaldo in extra time for Real Madrid at the 2016 Club World Cup final was the first time a fourth substitution was made in competitive football.

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