Manchester United players need to raise each other’s games, says former captain Bryan Robson

Manchester United players have insisted they remain united after a slow start to their Premier League campaign.

Sport360 staff 2018/09/06

Bryan Robson believes Manchester United players need to help raise each other’s games in order to succeed after a slow start to the Premier League campaign, which has seen them lose two of their opening four fixtures.

“Within a football club you’ve all got to get on well together,” the former club captain told ESPN FC. “You don’t have to be friends but, after getting off to a slow start, that’s the time when you all pull together.”

“You’ve got to have belief in your teammates and in yourself,” he added. “You’ve got to start raising your own game.

“It’s not all about having a go at people, it’s about encouraging your teammates as well.

“That’s really important for me in football that, as teammates, you’ve got a responsibility in the dressing room to have a go at each other if you think somebody is being lazy or slacking in training.

“If somebody’s been brilliant, you praise them. You try to then get more out of them.”

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