UAE’s Rameez Shahzad wants to coach when he retires after completing Level 2 course

Denzil Pinto 2018/08/20

UAE’s Rameez Shahzad wants to pursue a coaching career once he retires from cricket after completing a course in England.

The batsman attained the ECB’s Level 2 coaching qualification after attending the course in the summer where he played club cricket for Philadelphia in the Durham Cricket League.

Having passed the required tests, Shahzad is keen to complete the Level 3 course in the future and pass on his experience in a coaching capacity when he finally lays down the bat.

“Once I have finished with cricket, I’ve decided that I want to do coaching,” the 30-year-old said. “That is why I wanted to do this course and hopefully next year I can return and do my Level 3 course.”

Shahzad’s father Altaf, a member of the UAE team that featured at the 1996 World Cup, is now coaching youngsters in the country.

And Shahzad is keen to follow in his father’s footsteps.

“My father coaches at his academy and would love to help him. At the same time, I also want to be part of a top coaching team with professional set-up. It’s something I want to aim for.”

Shahzad managed to complete the course in between matches for Philadelphia. He said it was an eye-opener on what was needed when it came to coaching.

“The course was really good because it taught you the basics but I know it will be harder to get the Level 3 qualification,” he added.

“I had to attend four or five days and then work with youngsters for two months before returning to complete the tests. It was really exciting to do this.”

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