Century at The Oval all part of Alastair Cook’s ‘surreal’ final England Test

Cook says final Test at The Oval has been a unique and sometimes bizarre experience

Sport360 staff 2018/09/10

England‘s retiring batsman Alastair Cook said the final Test of his career has been one of the most ‘surreal’ of his cricketing life.

Cook finished his England batting career with a fine 147 against India at The Oval on Monday.

The veteran was applauded numerous times by the crowd in south London and he did not disappoint the 19,000 spectators, reaching his 33rd century in 161 Tests in strange circumstances – through four overthrows.

The former England captain struggled to explain how it all felt. “It’s been the most surreal four days of my life really,” he said. “I suppose if she (Alice, his wife) goes into labour tonight that will probably top it off but it’s been incredible.

“There’s a few of my friends here as well so for that all to happen today and every reception I’ve had over the last four days it’s just been incredible. Even that last couple of overs when the whole crowd were singing my Barmy Army (fan) songs, incredibly special.”

When asked if it was his best day ever in cricket, Cook said it was a “different day”.

“On a purely selfish point of view I couldn’t have asked for a better week for me so yes on that side but obviously there have been bigger things in more important games that have meant more.”

Cook said the match had been emotional for him with family and friends in attendance.

“To perform and have a day like that I suppose after 160 other games, it’s a nice way to go.”

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