Pakistan pacer Hasan Ali wears a pendant of his trademark wicket celebration

Hasan Ali was seen wearing a pendant of his trademark celebrations during the team's practice session

Waseem Ahmed 2018/09/07

Pakistan fast bowler Hasan Ali will be looking to make a statement during the upcoming Asia Cup in the UAE.

Hasan has declared Pakistan will be the favourites against India in the tournament in the absence of Virar Kohli, who is being rested.

The 24-year-old also said that he would like to perform his trademark ‘arms aloft’ wicket-celebration against India 10 times if possible.

And just to remind the opposition of what will be in store when he picks up a wicket, it looks like Hasan will be sporting a special pendant of his celebration on his necklace during the coming few weeks.

Hasan Ali during the training camp. Image: PCB/Twitter

During the training camp in Lahore, Hasan was seen wearing the special jewellery and Pakistan fans will be hoping to see a lot of more of the real celebration throughout the month in the UAE.

During his interaction with the media, Hasan said he would have liked for Kohli to play in the Asia Cup.

“As a youngster, everybody wants to take Virat Kohli’s wicket but unfortunately he isn’t coming. The next time we compete, I will definitely try to take his wicket.”

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